Russia – 100 convictions in the European Court

Our cooperation with the Russian Justice Initiative has so far resulted in 100 convictions against Russia in the European Court of Human Rights. Overall, Russia has been convicted 160 times for gross human rights violations in the North Caucasus.

Most cases that we have conducted in the European Court date from 2002. But the brutality still continues and has spread to other republics in the region.??Russia pays compensation to the families of the victims. Still though, no one has been held accountable for the human rights abuses committed by the Russian forces, despite substantial evidence in many cases.

This climate of impunity allows the conflict to remain unsolved and the perpetrators to continue commiting crimes.

Daria Boyarchuk, staff attorney at the Russian Justice Initiative, talks about some of the cases, and about the grave situation in the North Caucasus. Open wounds and continued acts of terrorism against the government in the Kremlin, in combination with an upcoming Russian presidential election in 2012, might once again turn this powder keg into a burning inferno.

Date: 23 February
Time: 9.00-10.00, coffee/tea and sandwiches are served from 8.30
Place: Stora Nygatan 26, Stockholm

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The seminar will be held in English.


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