Support our emergency operations in the North Caucasus

Those who dare to speak up for other people’s rights take an extreme risk. During the autumn 2011 we created an Emergency fund to be able to help these people in a life-threatening situation. We have seen an urgent and major need to be able to act quickly in these situations.

The Emergency fund enables us to support human rights defenders who need to hide or temporarily flee the country, to protect important documents and to create security solutions.

This effort was funded with a start-up grant. But the needs are great and we need your help to fill the fund so that we can work in a long-term perspective.

You can help human rights defenders in the North Caucasus by using your credit card to donate to our work here on the website. Choose: “Emergency fund” as the purpose.

Read about the situation in our brochure: Human rights at risk in North Caucasus

Folder Human rights at risk in North Caucasus

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