Seminar: A dedicated fight for dignity

portrait Blerta Cani Drenofci, ADRFThis year Albania participated in Paralympics for the first time ever. But the obstacles that Albanians with disabilities must face are still high. Their human rights are violated on a daily basis. Albania lack adequate access to justice and a person with disabilities is commonly regarded as a ‘misfortune’. Bringing cases of violations to trial is complicated and they rarely have a successful outcome.

Civil Rights Defenders collaborates with Albanian Disability Rights Foundation (ADRF) to change this situation. Listen to Blerta Cani Drenofci, Executive Director at ADRF, talk about the work behind strengthening the rights for people with disabilities.

The discussion will be held English and led by Vasilika Laci, Programme Officer for the Western Balkans, stationed in Civil Rights Defenders field office in Tirana.

Date: Wednesday 26 September, 2012
Time: 9.00 – 10:00 (coffee/tea and sandwiches served from 8:30)
Location: Stora Nygatan 26, Stockholm

Our office is situated on the second floor and the building lacks ramps, elevators and handicap-accessible bathrooms. Do you have any special needs? Please contact us so that we can find a solution that meets your needs.

Sign up via, no later than 25 September.

View the seminar live or afterwards on our Bambuser channel.

This seminar is part of our series One Hour of Human Rights.

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