Breakfast seminar with the honoree of the Per Anger prize

Amnesty International and Civil Rights Defenders invite you to a breakfast seminar on the 12th of November.

Every year, the Living History Forum, on behalf of the Government, award a person who made great humanist and democracy efforts in the world with the Per Anger Prize.

2010 the human rights defender Elena Urlaeva is awarded the prize. Urlaeva is an active member of the Human Rights Alliance of Uzbekistan and has for many years been an active critic of the Uzbek regime. She was nominated by Amnesty International with the hope that the prize will lead to increased attention of the severe situation of human rights in Uzbekistan.

Respect for human rights is low in Uzbekistan. The situation of human rights defenders is also severe, although the authorities assure that there are no restrictions in freedom of expression and association. However human rights defenders are monitored, harassed, assaulted and imprisoned regularly.

Elena Urlaeva therefore gets the opportunity to talk about the situation in Uzbekistan and her work.

Lise Bergh from Amnesty International and Peter Öholm from Civil Rights Defenders will be present to comment Urlaeva’s analysis of the situation in Uzbekistan and the work of the organisation.

Breakfast will be served.

Time: Friday, November 12, at 09-10
Place: The Secretariat of Amnesty International, Alsnögatan 11, 116 92 Stockholm



Amnesty International
Civil Rights Defenders

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