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Svetlana Vukovic, Svetlana Lukic, Photo: Pescanik

Svetlana Vukovic, Svetlana Lukic, Photo: Pescanik

Listen to the Swedish radio show Kulturnytt, about this seminar. The program was broadcasted on March 29.

The Serbian government has during the last years been focusing on EU integration, while at the same time trying to prevent Kosovo’s independence. Boris Tadic, president of Serbia, describes his politics as “both Europe & Kosovo”. Does it mean that Serbia is more open today, or is the expression ”powder keg” relevant again?

The Serbian journalists Svetlana Lukic and Svetlana Vukovic have for many years worked to enhance the public debate in Serbia. They are working with Peščanik, a radio show and web platform, a unique forum for debate. We have cooperated with Pescanik for many years. Pescanik has been described as ‘anti-Serbian’ or ‘treacherous’ by other media. Hear Svetlana and Svetlana talk about their work at our breakfast seminar.

Peščanik plays a unique role in spreading information and knowledge about human rights in Serbia. Civil Rights Defenders has collaborated with Peščanik for many years. Svetlana Lukic is our human rights defender of the month.

The seminar is moderated by Natalija Bratuljevic, Programe Officer at Civil Rights Defenders.

Date: Wednesday, March 28.
Time: 9.00–10.00
Place: Civil Rights Defenders, Stora Nygatan 26, Stockholm

Register before March 27, at anmalan@civilrightsdefenders.org,

The seminar will be held in english.

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