“Shadow of the Holy Book” – bizarre story about odd country

Turkmenistan has one of the most authoritarian regimes in the world. The country is also rich in fossil gas, and multinational companies will do almost anything in the competition for a contract.

With a lot of humor and skilled story telling the director Arto Halonen questions the morale of some of the world’s largest companies in regard to their involvment in Turkmenistan in the film Shadow of the Holy Book. How do their businesses contribute to silencing and hiding extensive violations of human rights in Turkmenistan?

The director Arto Halonen has received several international awards for this film. The film was showed during the documentary film festival Tempo in Stockholm 2008. Read more about the film and see a trailer on: http://www.shadowoftheholybook.com/

Afterwards there will be a discussion with the director Arto Halonen about the human rights situation in Turkmenistan, and what the world can do to influence the regime.

Date: Tuesday May 19
Time: 18.00-20.00, coffee/ tea and sandwiches are served from 17.30
Place: Stora Nygatan 26, 1st floor.


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