Racism Most Common Motive for Hate Crime

5 900 complaints about hate crimes were made in Sweden last year. Seven out of ten complaints were hate crimes with racist motives, says the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (BRÅ) in their report for 2008. The number of complaints are according to BRÅ’s report roughly the same as in 2007. Hate crimes with racist motives have increased from 70 to 72 percent compared with 2007, while hate crimes with other motives have decreased in proportion.

Hate crimes with homophobic motives account for 18 percent of the notifications and hate crimes with anti-religious motives account for 10 percent.

Hate crimes are often committed in public places, and the offender is usually unknown to the victim. In one third of the cases studied the perpetrator is a neighbor, colleague or schoolmate.

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