John Stauffer

(Svenska) Debatt: Malmö stad har inte tagit sitt ansvar


(Svenska) I ett debattinlägg i Dagens Samhälle den 6 november tydliggör Civil Rights Defenders hur vi ser på avhysningen från Sorgenfri ur ett människorättsperspektiv. Det var den 30 oktober som Civil Rights Defenders skrev ett öppet brev till Malmö stad och Polisen Skåne där vi argumenterade att avhysningsbeslutet bryter mot internationella människorättskonventioner, vilka Sverige är bundet av.

Read the Third Newsletter of the Year


In the third newsletter of the year you can read about the first Pride Parade held in the Ugandan capital city Kampala which took place only a year after the introduction of a law that made homosexuality a punishable offense, that the Russian authorities recently blacklisted one of Civil Rights Defenders donors as a consequence of the latest in a series of Russian Laws that restricts opportunities for civil society to act freely and that Civil Rights Defenders has moved to new premises.

Opinion: Police records about the Roma community in Sweden is institutionalised racism


Police records regarding the Roma community in Sweden have deeply upset both the Roma and many in mainstream society. It revealed a sinister practice intent on flagrantly violating the values that are fundamental to a democracy. Respect for human integrity , dignity and rights of the citizen have obviously got lost some where in the police force’ skewed philosophy in combatting crime.