Civil Rights Defender of the Year Award

Join Us in Celebration!


On 12 April, in connection with our conference Defenders’ Days, Civil Rights Defenders hands out this year’s Civil Rights Defender of the Year Award to Mr. Murat Çelikkan. Join us in celebration as we celebrate Murat Çelikkan’s work and achievements during an award ceremony in Stockholm.

In connection with the award ceremony we also invite you to the exciting event “The Future of Democracy and Human Rights”, guested by leading human rights defenders from around the world. Welcome!

Serbia: Hate Speech Against Nataša Kandić Must Be Investigated

Natasa Kandic, Photo: Markus Junghard

Members of the media and civil society actors, including human rights defender Nataša Kandić, have recently been subjected to a wave of hate speech from Members of Parliament and right wing extremists in Serbia. Nataša Kandić was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Civil Rights Defenders requests an immediate investigation into the recent events, and demands the public promotion of Nazism to be immediately prohibited and sanctioned by the authorities.

Civil Rights Defender of the Year 2018 – Murat Çelikkan


Civil Rights Defenders is pleased to announce that the Turkish human rights defender Murat Çelikkan has been awarded the Civil Rights Defender of the Year Award 2018. Murat Çelikkan is a journalist by profession, and one of the most tenacious voices for human rights in the country. Despite the increasingly difficult situation for the country’s civil society, he continues to fight for a more open Turkey.

Today We Open the Doors to Defenders’ Days 2016


For the fourth time in succession this year, Civil Rights Defenders opens the doors to Defenders’ Days! We welcome 160 human rights defenders from all over the world to attend the conference and to enjoy the opportunities for networking and sharing experiences. Furthermore, we have invited some of the world’s foremost human rights expert to host a wide variety of trainings, workshops and presentations.