“How do I change the amount I donate every month?”

If you want to adjust the amount donated, send an email to Givarservice or call our head office at +46 8 545 277 30. Please remember to state your name, address and personal identity number to avoid any errors.


“I do not live in Sweden. Can I donate to your work?”

Yes you can. And you are most welcome to do so. Just click on Donate in the side menu to your right and follow the instructions. At the moment we can only offer donation possibilities for those of you who have a VISA or Mastercard. If you are not one of them, please email us at info@crd.org or call +46 8 545 277 30 and we will endeavour to come up with a solution.


“I cannot find the answer to my question. What do I do now?”

Often the information is already available on our other pages so type your query in the Search Box located in the upper right corner of the website. If you still are unable to find an answer please email us at info@crd.org  or call +46 8 545 277 30.