Rejected Peace Agreement – What is Happening in Colombia now?


In the beginning of October the Colombian people rejected the peace accord that the government and the guerrilla group FARC had negotiated on since 2012. Subsequently, there has been an ongoing debate on how to continue the peace process. The current political limbo has made an affect internationally. EU recently declared that they have officially suspended the ratification of the aid peace package that was supposed to be installed, but with the hope to open it up later this year.

Seeking Out New Paths After a Polarised Referendum

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Colombia’s peace process led by current President Juan Manuel Santos and the guerrilla group FARC suffered a major defeat when the plebiscite showed that the NO vote had won. 50,2% of Colombians voted against the accord with 49,8% in favour and although it was only a small margin, the uncertainty is over. The fact that only 37% of the electorate voted is another clear sign that the government did not succeed in mobilising support and credibility for the peace accord.