Support to human rights defenders

A human rights defender is a person who promotes and protects human rights in a peaceful manner. Civil Rights Defenders programme Support to Human Rights Defenders at Risk is comprised of several initiatives:

The Natalia Project – The first security alarm system for human rights defenders

The Natalia Project – named after Natalia Estemirova a courageous human rights defender who was abducted and murdered in 2009 – is a personal alarm system developed to protect human rights defenders at risk. Human rights defenders who are often exposed to high risks of assault or kidnapping from state authorities can wear Natalia Project personal alarm which looks like wristband. In the case of an attack the alarm is activated by a simple pull of the wristband. Once activated, a signal containing the exact GPS location of the human rights defender is sent via mobile phone network to Civil Rights Defenders headquarters in Stockholm, and also to people in the vicinity who can immediately come to the rescue. From Civil Rights Defenders head office in Stockholm the alarm signal is sent out via mobile (SMS), email and social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. As a result there is potential for hundreds of thousands of people to be made made aware of an attack, literally, within minutes of it happening and begin to put pressure on the regime. Read more here:

Defenders’ Days – A Conference Empowering Human Rights Defenders at Risk

Defenders’ Days is an event focused on human rights defenders many of whom come from the world’s most repressive countries and regions. The purpose of Defenders’ Days is to provide capacity building trainings for human rights defenders, and to draw attention to their important work. Our aim is to create a safe meeting place for capacity-building, networking and international recognition of their work.

Emergency fund – Helping Human Rights Defenders Under Imminent Pressure

In 2011 Civil Rights Defenders created an Emergency fund to help human rights defenders who face significant pressure or threats. It developed out of an urgent need to act quickly to assist human rights defenders who find themselves in imminent danger. The fund enables us to support human rights defenders who need to relocate temporarily, to protect important information or documents and to create security solutions. These efforts are funded through the provision of a start-up grant. The needs are great and we really need your help to be able to continue this vital operation. Support the fund – donate with your credit card on our website! Choose: “Emergency fund”. You can read more about the situation by clicking on the following link: Human rights at risk in North Caucasus

Read more about our other initiatives concerning human rights defenders at risk:
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“Everyone has the right, individually and in association with others, to promote and to strive for the protection and realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms at the national and international levels.” (Article 1, UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders)