Information for partners

Thank you! For your tenacity in standing up for people’s civil and political rights. While there is much left to do, together we can make a difference.
See examples of what we have achieved together so far.

Strategy for Civil Rights Defenders


Civil Rights Defenders assesses proposals based on the following criteria:

Relevance of the proposal:

  • How is the  proposal relevant in relation to Civil Rights Defenders’ Strategy?
  • The relevance of the proposal and its contribution to the human rights situation in a particular country or specific region
  • The relevance of the proposal to the specific needs and context within a country or region
  • How will the proposal benefit and affect beneficiaries and target groups, including discriminated groups

Results and effectiveness of the proposal:

  • What are the expected results and how do they relate to Civil Rights Defenders’ strategy?
  • What are the short and medium term effects (outputs) after the completion of activities?
  • What is the intended change of behavior, performance, welfare or conditions of a group of beneficiaries and direct target groups?

Organisational capacities:

  • The experience and capacities, both organisational and financial
  • The organisational capacities to monitor and evaluate the project activities
  • The organisational routines to identify, prevent and deal with corruption and fraud

Civil Rights Defenders will reject the application if:

  • If the organisation submitted incomplete information in the proposal
  • If the project is not in line with Civil Rights Defenders’ strategy
  • If the organisation does not meet eligible criteria such as affiliation to political parties, religious groups and similar

Please note that after assessment and approval of the Concept note we will invite the applicant to submit a full application together with budget. If the application is rejected the candidate will receive notification in writing.

Regarding Our Collaborations

Participants in our human rights-school. Photo: Joanna KuroszCivil Rights Defenders collaborates with local human rights organisations in the countries where we are active. Our partners are human rights defenders who morally, financially and explicitly promote human rights. The organisations we collaborate with must be non-governmental, religiously and politically independent. Our partners do not advocate or resort to violence.

In countries that do not allow these kinds of organisations, or in countries where the current situation makes such collaboration impossible, we may cooperate with individuals with the aim of building an organisational structure.

All our partners work on a non-profit basis. Occasionally, we make exceptions for independent media companies who are in need of support to be able to function at all in totalitarian and non-democratic environments.

As one of our partners once described our collaboration: We fight together!


If you wish to seek further information on future ties in the regions named below please make contact with the following:


  1. Europe – email  Marko Mihailovic
  2. Eurasia – email  Lia Hen
  3. Southeast Asia  – email Asia department
  4. East & Horn of Africa – email Mesfin Negash


See examples of the work we do together with our partners by clicking on the following link – see our achievements.