Working for the rights of people under guardianship

Within the Russian society people with mental disabilities are marginalised and excluded from almost every aspect of life, fuelled by stigma and discriminatory laws and structures. State employees at all levels are under-educated in human rights principles and the laws remain unimplemented. As a result abusive practices such as chemical and physical restraints are very common.

In Russia there is only one type of guardianship available: total. This means that individuals are being deprived of their legal capacity, right to decide on finances, right to decide where to live, right to family life (his/her children may be taken away), right to vote in local and national elections, right to work.

In cooperation with Mental Disability Advocacy Centre we advocate for alternatives to total guardianship and for effective mechanism of monitoring guardian’s acts and omissions. We are conducting informal as well as formal advocacy and lobbying towards the Russian authorities to prompt them to comply with national and international legislation. We are also developing contacts with journalists in national and local media outlets with the aim of increasing the information on the rights of persons with disabilities.

Mental Disability Advocacy Centre, MDAC, was formed in 2002 with the mission to protect the rights of children and adults with actual or perceived intellectual disabilities. MDAC uses a combination of law and advocacy to promote equality and social inclusion.

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