We are enhancing our monitoring of Sweden

We welcome our new colleague Cecilia Tengroth, specialist in international law. With Cecilia on board, we will enhance our monitoring of human rights in Sweden.

“Many people see Sweden as a country with strong human rights, and I think that is kind of naive. Human rights can be violated, even in a democracy like Sweden, and that’s why it is so important to keep an eye on our decision-makers and to increase people’s awareness about their rights” says Cecilia.

Cecilia has detected several areas were there is a lack of protection of our human rights.

After September 11, 2001, many democracies were prepared to put human rights aside with reference to national security.

“Particularly in times with a harder economic climate, an increasing wave of xenophobia, and with new complex threats, and new actors that can threaten international and national freedom and security, we must be extra careful so our human rights don’t wear away”, says Cecilia.

There are many examples of when our human rights are questioned and even violated. It can be seen as an alarming trend where we accept the “powerful” tools in the battle against terrorism, and where we don’t react to forced sterilisation of transgender persons that wish to undergo a sex change.
Cecilia has previously worked at the Swedish Red Cross with international law and refugee matters, at the Swedish National Defense College with international law and humanitarian rights and at the Swedish Government Offices with two governmental inquiries on international law. Besides developing the Swedish department, she will contribute to our whole organisation with her knowledge in international law.

Cecilia says that she’s been longing to work in a non-profit organisation again after working twelve rewarding years for the civil service.

“There is a sense of power in an independent, non-political organisation that works for human rights and a better society”, she concludes.

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