“Time to be yourself” – the theme of Moldova Pride 2014

May 13 saw the beginning of an action packed week for the LGBT community in Moldova. “Rainbow over the Dniester” focused on raising awareness regarding the issues and struggles faced by LGBT people in Moldova. This was only the second time that a legally sanctioned Pride parade took place in the capital Chisinau since the historic passing of a Freedom of Assembly bill back in early 2013.

Civil Rights Defenders’ and their partner GenderDoc-M, was instrumental in organising a week of events aimed at empowering and strengthening the LGBT community which is largely marginalised and faces persecution within Moldovan society. The 2014 Festival aptly named “Time to be Yourself” saw over 150 participants from the international LGBT community, embassies and international organisations march in solidarity with their Moldovan brothers and sisters.

“The GenderDoc-M team did an excellent job organising and executing all the Pride events.
Their professionalism and poise in the face of anti-LGBT protestors was admirable. CRD is proud to partner with such dedicated activists and stands together with GenderDoc-M in support of equality and acceptance of all persons.” says Bobbie Traut, Programme Manager for Civil Rights Defenders in Moldova.

What made the 2014 event so historic was that participants were able to successfully march without hindrance to an established point on the route, where GenderDoc-M’s Executive Director, Anastasia Danilova, spoke about this year’s theme and the importance of standing up for one’s rights and accepting all people.


Robert Biedron, a member of the Polish parliament and PACE General Repertoire on LGBT rights, participated in the festivities. The UN Resident Coordinator, Nicola Harrington-Buhay, also spoke words of encouragement and support to all the participants.

However the parade was not without its share of problems as protestors wielded the usual hateful slogans from the side-lines. The municipal police did their job and managed to protect the marchers despite the protestors.

In the words of GenderDoc-M member, Artiom Zavadovsky, “It was epic.”

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