The treatment of patients with physical and mental disability a major concern in Moldova

Photo courtesy of IDOM

Photo courtesy of IDOM

Major findings from a recent monitoring visit to psycho-neurological institutions in Moldova revealed serious shortcomings. Monitors found that hygiene levels and sanitation were very poor and that there was a serious lack of staff to adequately care for the patients. Claims of physical force and verbal were widespread amongst the patients while many with physical disabilities complained about the complete lack adequate accommodation.

The report commissioned by Civil Rights Defender’s partner, the Institute for Human Rights in Moldova (IDOM) presented their findings and highlighted their grave concerns arising out of the monitoring of psycho-neurological institutions in Moldova. IDOM’s team travelled to six institutions in the country to document the conditions as well as any potential human rights violations. The institutions are home to more than 2,000 Moldovan citizens suffering from various psychological and physical health conditions.

.Civil Rights Defenders urges the Moldovan government to review IDOM’s recommendations; make the necessary changes to improve the conditions in the institutions; and develop mechanisms to protect the rights of beneficiaries in these institutions.

These findings were presented at a meeting with representatives from relevant ministries and the directors of each psycho-neurological institution as well as at a recent press conference. IDOM will also present concrete recommendations at a roundtable discussion and are due to provide written report with recommendations for policymakers in January 2014.

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