Empowering human rights defenders at risk

In November 2011, a large group of human rights defenders from the North Caucasus will visit Stockholm for the third time. During a couple of days we will discuss the human rights situation in the region, their own security, and joint strategies for reaching out to decision makers in Europe.

We are organising advocacy meetings, interviews with Swedish media, security trainings for our guests and an open conference targeting national and international stakeholders who work with, or are interested in, the North Caucasus.

The seriousness of the situation cannot be overemphasised. The murders of Natalia Estemirova two years ago and Anna Politkovskaya five years ago caught worldwide attention. But unfortunately they are not the only victims. Many brave human rights defenders pay a terribly high price because of their work.

During our first conference in 2009 the participants decided to coordinate future initiatives among key national and international actors, to ensure a strategic and long-term approach to the challenges facing the region. This joint initiative was named the Stockholm Process.

The aim of the Stockholm Process is to keep the spotlight on this war torn region, to make sure that European decision-makers always bring up the issue of human rights violations in the North Caucasus in their meetings with Russian leaders.

Another aim is to improve the security situation for our partners and colleagues working in the field. One part of this is also to facilitate their networking, and to make it possible for them to meet in a safe place once in a while.

Read more about the Emergency fund, which we have created specifically for human rights defenders in the North Caucasus.

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