Photo Exhibition “Under the Same Roof” En Route Through the Balkans

The exhibition-tour started at Mixer House in Belgrade, Serbia Photo: Civil Rights Defenders

The exhibition-tour started at Mixer House in Belgrade, Serbia Photo: Civil Rights Defenders

During the autumn and winter of 2014, the photo exhibition “Under the Same Roof” which depicts everyday life of Roma in the Western Balkans, has been on display in Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. On 3 December, the exhibition opens in Nis, Serbia with the best photos from all of the countries in the region.

Earlier this year, an open call for a photo competition was launched through Facebook in Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo inviting the public to document the Roma people’s everyday life in the region. More then 160 people contributed with their photos and more then 1000 photos were taken into consideration during the selection process. At the exhibition in Nis, the 20 best photos taken by the public will be on display.

“The exhibition is a unique event because most of the photographers are not professional photographers, or even human rights activists. This proves that everyone who wants to contribute to protecting and promoting human rights can do so. It is also shows that people who care about human rights lack channels through which they can raise their voices. We provided them with such a channel and they responded.” says Goran Miletic, Programme Director for the Western Balkans at Civil Rights Defenders.

The event is a cooperation between the National Endowment for Democracy and Civil Rights Defenders with the project “Strengthening Visibility of the Most Discriminated Groups in the Western Balkans”.

The exhibition in Nis will take place at the Cultural Centre. The doors opens at 17:00.

After Nis, the next stop for the exhibition is Prizren, Kosovo.

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