Tackling homophobia with education

In collaboration with the organisation LABRIS, Civil Rights Defenders address discrimination of LGBT people in institutional settings through education. In a long term perspective, hoping to contribute to a better environment for the LGBT community.

Our target groups are governmental institutions, civil servants and representatives from the civil society. LABRIS has developed a successful model of training for professionals working in Student’s Clinics and in Social Welfare Centers.

Together with LABRIS we are also training journalists in LGBT people’s rights. The aim is to improve the way these professionals address members of the LGBT community.

In a long term perspective we hope to contribute to a better environment for members of the LGBT community in Serbia – an environment where they are able to fully enjoy their rights.

Civil Rights Defenders supported the establishment of Lesbian info centre in LABRIS in 2002. Over the time, LABRIS has become a well-known organisation in the civil society and has played a key role for instance in the preparation of Pride. We have also cooperated with LABRIS in regard to the adoption of a Law against discrimination in Serbia.

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