Developments in North Africa will affect Sub-Saharan countries

Blog post by Robert Hårdh, Executive Director for Civil Rights Defenders, from March 14th 2011:

Africa is the part of the world where the human rights situation is at its worst. Poverty and oppression in combination with unresolved tensions and widespread impunity contributes to an unstable situation in many African states. The question is how long it takes before the open struggle for democracy and human rights we now are witnessing in North Africa and the Middle East spreads to sub-Saharan countries.

Next year, over 20 elections will be held on the African continent. The presidential elections in Kenya is one of them. The risk that the violence that followed the 2007 elections, with more than a thousand dead and over half a million internally displaced as a result, will be repeated is imminent.

Few of the measures promised in order to bring reconciliation and to prevent further violence has been carried out. Tens of thousands of internally displaced people are still living in camps and have not been able to return. Many of the militias which were active have still not been disarmed. After three years, the Kenyan coalition government has failed to establish the necessary mechanisms to investigate the crimes committed.

Read the whole text on Robert Hårdh’s blog.

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