Swedish comedians stand up for freedom of speech

Stå upp för det fria ordet

The tickets to this year’s most important comedy event have now been released. “Stand up for freedom of speech” is a charity show, initiated by the agency Roa, and the profits will go to Civil Rights Defenders.

One of the most common questions to comedians is “can you joke about anything?” Many would answer yes. But can you joke ANYWHERE? The answer is no, and it is very sad to see that in 2013, there are many places in the world where freedom of speech is not respected. To speak out about injustices can have terrible consequences.

For the comedians at Roa it is very important to protect freedom of speech, whether it’s in everyday life or on stage. Out of this has grown the idea for a charity event to raise the awareness of free speech and a gala that would support Civil Rights Defenders’ work.

“We want to remind people that one of the things that we as Swedish comedians often take for granted, free speech, should apply everywhere”, says David Batra, one of the 14 comedians participating in the gala.

Where: Södra Teatern, Stockholm.
When: 16 December
Ticket Release: September 30
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The following comedians from Roa will participate in the show:
David Batra
Johan Glans
Özz Nûjen
Thomas Järvheden
Måns Möller
Hasse Brontén
Soran Ismail
Marika Carlsson
Patrik Larsson
Tobias Persson
Martin Lagos
Ann Westin
Robin Paulsson
Anna-Lena Berg Elin (formerly Brundin)

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