Grand slam for the Natalia Project in advertising competition


On 23 October, Civil Rights Defenders won prizes in three categories in the advertising competition 100-wattaren in Sweden. The Natalia Project, the alarm system for human rights defenders at risk, was awarded for being communication that makes ​​a difference through great creativity.

Here is the prize jury’s motivation for the first, second and third prices in the three categories:

The category Non-profit, 100 watts

“This is not about press clippings, scope or likes. This is about saving lives. In this case communication and business melt together in a brilliant way . This year’s winner has managed to create a physical product for it’s communication. A technical solution that does not only makes it possible to reach out with a message far beyond the expected, but also create opportunities to save brave and threatened people’s lives. Efficacy and creativity goes hand in hand and solves a clearly defined problem, while able to increase the organisation’s relevance and influence on an international level. Bravissimo! ”

The category Smart, 75 watts

“It is not easy to turn peoples focus on something they’d rather turn a blind eye to. Nor is it easy to try to protect someone without a safety net, thousands of kilometres away. Weaving these two difficult tasks together in the same talented solution, pleases both the jury’s minds and hearts.”

The Category International, 50 watts

“This is about a product launch of a product that can not be bought, that most of us do not want and that users don’t want to flaunt. Nevertheless, the effect was tremendous, and the idea spread like wildfire across the globe. The organisation behind received, with very little funding, it’s question acclaimed globally at the same time as their product, for real, helped people. It’s just great innovations that manages that equation.”

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