7 millions for actions against discrimination and hate crimes


Civil Rights Defenders have, together with the foundation Expo, received 7 million from the Swedish Postcode Lottery. This will enable Civil Rights Defenders’ work with strengthening human rights in Sweden by getting those in power to take responsibility in the fight against abuse and to give victims the ability to demand justice.

– People in Sweden, especially among minorities, are exposed to serious violations and the government must take responsibility, says John Stauffer, Legal Director Civil Rights Defenders.

Racial violence, discrimination and hate crimes is a reality for many people in Sweden. Every day 15 hate crimes are reported to the police and the Equality Ombudsman receives over 1500 notifications each year. But studies show that the number of unreported cases is high and that the actual number of victims is much higher.

Meanwhile only a few perpetrators are brought to justice and convicted in court and a very small percentage of victims of violations receive some form of justice. In that sense, Sweden is not the tolerant society where everyone has equal value and rights, as declared in the UN Declaration of Human Rights .

Civil Rights Defenders have therefore for a long time aimed to increase the focus on how human rights are guaranteed by the Swedish government. The founding from Swedish Postcode Lottery will allow a systematic review of how the state lives up to its international commitments, support for groups that are particularly vulnerable to hate crimes and discrimination through rights-based training and legal assistance to victims so that they can claim their rights.

– It is very positive that we, together with Expo, can take actions that will make a difference and contribute to strengthening the protection of human rights in Sweden, says John Stauffer, Legal Director Civil Rights Defenders.

For more information please contact :
John Stauffer, Legal Director, Civil Rights Defenders , +46 70 484 96 85

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