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Newsletter No. 3, 2015

Newsletter No. 3, 2015

In the third newsletter of the year we report that The Russian authorities recently blacklisted one of Civil Rights Defenders donors, the US based National Endowment for Democracy (NED). This as a consequence of the latest in a series of Russian Laws, that restricts opportunities for civil society to act freely.

Also, read about the first Pride Parade held in the Ugandan capital city Kampala which took place only a year after the introduction of a law that made homosexuality a punishable offense. Homophobia is still widespread in Uganda and numerous LGBT people have been attacked and harassed, while others have been forced into hiding or exile due to their sexual orientation.

Sweden must take UN recommendations more seriously. In January, the United Nations Human Rights Council reviewed Sweden’s observance of human rights by the UPR process (Universal Periodic Review). The government is committed to implement major changes, such as creating a national human rights institution and to broaden the mandate of the Equality Ombudsman. Civil Rights Defenders is, however, concerned about the recommendations that Sweden has chosen not to adopt.

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