Gold and silver to the Civil Rights Captcha

The PR Agency Prime won gold and silver with the campaign “Civil Rights Captcha” for Civil Rights Defenders. The gold was in the category “Campaign of the year in social media”, and the silver in the category “Mass media campaign of the year”.

Spinn is a Swedish competition in effective marketing PR, ie non-purchased marketing (publicity, seminars, internet etc.) in private channels (web, email, newsletters, lectures etc.).

Since its launch in October 2012, the Civil Rights Defenders Captcha become a world news with hundreds of published articles and tens of thousands of tweets.

Captcha is the name of the web tool that asks the user to decode a word written in vague and wavy letters, a feature intended to protect sites from spam. Civil Rights Defenders’ CAPTCHA is unique in its ability to separate people from robots because it tests human empathy. This allows sites free of spam in a more efficient way, while the user is encouraged to take a stand for human rights.

Prime has previously been awarded for the Civil Rights Captcha in Cannes Lions and the Golden Egg award.

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