Strengthening capacities of minority groups with Regional Centre for Minorities

Together with Regional Centre for Minorities, RCM, we are strengthening the capacities of minority and human rights NGOs, local authorities, the judiciary and members of central and regional authorities that are dealing with different minority groups. Through advocacy and lobbying we are also seeking to improve the rights of minority groups.

We regularly conduct trainings for young Roma leaders which result in young Roma men and women becoming more familiar with the European legislation regarding minority rights and how they can use this legislation in a pre-accession phase to their benefit. Regional Centre for Minorities are also organising workshops on discrimination tests and trainings in shadow reporting to improve NGO’s capacities in monitoring the implementation of international human right standards.

During 2004-2006 we expanded our activities against discrimination in Serbia. After consultations with partners and experts, we supported the establishment of a Regional Centre for Minorities in 2005. The centre is based in Belgrade, with the aim to provide all kinds of expertise in the field of minority rights and issues of discrimination. In the past years, the centre has provided numerous trainings, seminars and publications related to minority rights issues both in English and local Western Balkan languages.

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