Verdict in Israilov case is expected

A coalition of human rights organisations, among them Civil Rights Defenders, regrets Russia’s lack of cooperation with the Austrian judiciary, in the case against the alleged murderers of Chechen refugee Umar Israilov.

“It is clear that Russia is unwilling to uphold the rule of law in the North Caucasus”, says Ninke Liebert, Programme Officer for Eastern Europe and Central Asia at Civil Rights Defenders.

Umar Israilov was murdered near his home in Vienna on January 13, 2009. In an application to the European Court of Human Rights Israilov had accused Ramzan Kadyrov, the President of Chechnya, of illegally detaining and torturing him in 2003.

On June 1st the verdict in the trial of the three alleged perpetrators will be rendered. The coalition of human rights organisations has been observing the trial which started before the Criminal Court in Vienna on 16th of November 2010.

In today’s joint press release, the coalition expresses its regret at the absence of cooperation of the Russian Federation with the Austrian justice and concludes that there is no political will to investigate similar crimes in Russia despite credible and well documented evidence.

Russian authorities have refused to enable questioning of crucial witnesses, who are currently known to be hiding in Chechnya.

Representatives of the coalition of human rights organisations will hold a press conference in Vienna tomorrow, June 1.

The coalition consists of Civil Rights Defenders, the International Federation for Human Rights, Memorial Human Rights Center, People in Need, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, the Austrian Helsinki Association for Human Rights and Novaya Gazeta.

Read our joint press release: Israilov Joint Press Release May 31

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