Investigative newspaper under threat

The Moldovan newspaper Ziarul de Garda (ZdG) and its employees have been subjected to several threats after publishing reports on corruption within the national railway company in Chisinau. In a joint statement Civil Rights Defenders, and several media and human rights organisations, call on the Moldovan authorities to investigate the alleged threats.

In the last three issues of the magazine ZdG has published an investigation of corruption within the rail industry in Chisinau. After it was publicized a series of phone and direct threats were sent to the authors and their families. the entire team at the newspaper and the sources who offered information to journalists were also threatened.

We call on the Moldovan authorities to inform the public about the results of the investigation and to investigate threats against the press.

Read the statement against intimidation of Ziarul de Garda

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Tags: Corruption and Violence against journalists.
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