Threats must be taken seriously

Civil Rights Defenders is concerned about the threats against Olga Sadovskaya at the Committee Against Torture in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. In a letter sent to Swedish and European policymakers we ask them to raise the threats against human rights defenders in all discussions with Russia.

On June 21, our colleague Olga Sadovskaya at the Committee Against Torture, was threatened. Death threats had been sprayed on a wall near her home. This was not the first time Sadovskaya was threatened. Civil Rights Defenders is seriously worried about what might happen to her and others.

The attached letter has been sent to members of the EU parliament, members of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly and Swedish policymakers. Civil Rights Defenders, Östgruppen, Russian-Chechen Friendship Society and the Observatorio Eurasia urges policymakers to raise this and similar cases in all meetings and discussions with Russia and clearly condemn persecution of human rights defenders.

Threats against Russian Human Rights Defenders

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