New law could silence inconvenient voices in Cambodia

On August 2nd the Cambodian authorities closed down the organisation Sahmakum Teang Tnaut (STT) that works with land and housing ringts. Last week about a hundred protesting formers were taken in for interrogations by the police, and the government-controlled television launched a smearing campaign against a couple of NGO:s.

Simultaneously, a new law on non-governmental organisations is being prepared. The law is a high priority for the government. But we fear that it might be abused to circumscribe the activities of civil society organisations. In a joint statement Civil Rights Defenders, together with 130 organisations worldwide, point out that the closing down of STT shows the real purpose of the new NGO law – to give the government a tool to silence inconvenient voices.

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Tags: Freedom of expression, Harassment, Land and housing rights, and Law on NGOs.
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