Letter to Carl Bildt on Cambodian Law on NGO:s

A coalition of international human rights groups, including Civil Rights Defenders, call on Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt to increase the pressure on the Cambodian government to abandon plans for a repressive law on associations and non-governmental organisations.

We fear that the current bill can be adopted and that the effects will be further restrictions on freedom of expression and assembly in the country, and of civil society’s scope for action.

The letter, sent to some thirty foreign ministries around the world, underlines the importance of Cambodia’s donors making it clear to the Cambodian Government that if the law is adopted in its current form, the assistance will be reviewed.

The law is a high priority government initiative that might limit the civil society to operate freely. Civil Rights Defenders, along with 130 organisations previously warned that the law’s real purpose is to give the government a tool to silence inconvenient voices.

Letter to Bildt

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