Hate speech and threats after publication of LGBT-video

Civil Rights Defenders condemn the hate speech and threats which were caused by a videoclip about rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons. We urge the Montenegrin authorities to properly investigate these crimes.

Two criminal complaints regarding hate speech and threats were submitted on the 24th of November. But the State Prosecutor’s Office have so far not reacted to the crimes. With our support LGBT Forum Progress will continue to submit complaints.

In a letter to the Monenegrin authorities Civil Rights Defenders Executive Director Robert Hårdh wrote that “These and similar threats do not only jeopardize the safety of the persons attacked, but also the basic preconditions for a free and democratic society.”

Our partner, LGBT Forum Progress, who in collaboration with the Centre for Civic Education produced the video, is the only organisation in Montenegro working to promote the rights of the LGBT community.

Just 48 hours after its publication more than 110,000 people had viewed the video clip.

Read the letter that was sent to the Montenegrin authorities

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