Alarming situation after the election

We are deeply concerned about the widespread human rights violations in the aftermath of the 2010 presidential elections in Belarus, said Civil Rights Defenders and several other Human Rights Organisations in a joint statement to the UN Human Rights Council today.

Since the presidential elections in December 2010 the Belarusian authorities have harshly repressed human rights defenders and their organisations, lawyers, journalists, and any person who shows concern about the human rights situation in Belarus. Many people have been detained, mistreated, and summarily sentenced.

There are currently 22 political prisoners, including three presidential candidates, serving different terms as a result of their participation in a demonstration to protest the falsification during the election process on 19 December 2010.

Ales Bialiatski’s arrest is a new step to repress civil society and legitimate human rights activities in Belarus.

Joint statement to the UN Human Rights Council

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