Serbia Winner of the Trans-European Moot Court Final in Strasbourg

On 7 November the winning teams from the Nordic and the South-East Europe Moot Court competitions – team Lannung from Denmark and team Iustitia from Serbia – met in a fictive court hearing in the Second Trans-European Moot Court Finals in Strasbourg.

On an annual basis, final year law students from universities in Southeast Europe and the Nordic countries compete in regional Moot Court competitions. As of 2013  the two regional winners face each other in a fictive case in Strasbourg. This year’s participants were team Iustitia from Nis (Serbia) and team Lannung from Copenhagen (Denmark). After two well prepared pleadings, the Panel of Judges named the team from Nis as winner.

“Competitive models, such as the Moot Court Finals are a chance for future legal practitioners and decision makers to gain experience, practice and routine when it comes to applying human rights standards and arguing before the European Court of Human Rights”, said John Stauffer, Legal Director at Civil Rights Defenders.

About the Regional Moot Court Competition in South-East Europe:
In 2007 Civil Rights Defenders initiated the competition for final year law students in the Western Balkans. The idea developed during Civil Rights Defenders’ work in the region. The organisation identified a lack of practical knowledge about the European Convention for Human Rights (ECHR). Very few Law faculties in the region had courses in European Law.

The Nordic Moot Court model, founded in 1984, inspired Civil Rights Defenders to arrange a similar competition for law students in the Western Balkans. Since the competition saw the daylight over 500 students from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have participated in the competition.

“The aim is to train human rights experts in the beginning of their legal careers, so they can contribute to their communities. There is a need for more human rights practitioners, and people with good understanding of human rights, in different levels of society”, said John Stauffer.


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