Human rights researcher under threat

Tanya Lokshina, senior researcher at Human Rights Watch in Moscow, has received a number of text messages to her mobile phone, which contained direct and indirect threats against her. The messages, received in the period September 28-30, included references to very personal details known only to Tanya and a few persons around her. The purpose of the threats was evidently to obstruct her work

“We are seriously concerned for the safety of Tanya Lokshina and other colleagues in human rights organisations in Russia. They work in an environment where authorities are hostile to civil society activism and where several newly adopted pieces of legislation further obstruct the work of human rights and other civil society organisations”, says Robert Hårdh, Executive Director.

Tanya Lokshina is one of the most prominent and respected human rights experts in Russia. She has for years shown her commitment to address the most serious human rights violations in Russia and stood up for the rights of the victims to get redress and justice. With particular concern she has followed the human rights situation in the North Caucasus and assisted human rights defenders based in the region.

Civil Rights Defenders expresses serious concern over the threats against Tanya Lokshina and urges Russian authorities to fully and promptly investigate the threats. Representatives of the Russian authorities must do their utmost to protect human rights defenders, and to ensure that any threats or attacks against human rights defenders are publicly condemned and investigated. In accordance with the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, Russia must take all necessary measures to ensure the protection of human rights defenders and contribute to an environment in which human rights defenders can work safely.

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Regions: The North Caucasus.