Seminar: Serbia – On the Fringes of The EU But Media Censorship is in the Dark Ages

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Freedom of Expression has been on a downward slide in Serbia since 2010. Photo Courtesy of

In April 2017, Alexander Vucic emerged as victor in Serbia’s presidential elections. As Serbia’s information Minister in the 1990’s he was instrumental in censoring media outlets and journalists during the reign of Slobodan Milosevic, the mastermind behind much of the atrocities in the former Yugoslavia.

Freedom of the media in Serbia has seen a significant change in its trajectory since 2010, from being categorised by many watchdog organisations as being “on a good path to becoming free and independent” to the current situation of instability. There is now almost a total collapse in freedom of expression with pro-government media outlets spewing out propaganda targeting human rights defenders on trumped up allegations of destabilising the state.

Scapegoating human rights defenders and journalists has always followed the same methodology. First the tabloids enforce smear campaigns against the organisation or individual, accusing them of being foreign agents working against the State. After a number of such articles, a public official repeats this type of allegation and confirms the previous stories from the tabloid. As a result of this, right wing organisations or individuals take matters into their own hands often posting threats, initiating harassment tactics or even physically attacking these so called “enemies of the state”.

S. Dojcinovic KRIK

Prominent Investigative Journalist Stevan Dojcinovic will travel from Belgrade to speak about media censorship in Serbia.

Stevan Dojcinovic is an investigative reporter and editor based in Belgrade. He is the Editor in Chief of the Serbian investigative portal KRIK, a partner of Civil Rights Defenders since 2016. He has worked at the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) team for nine years.

He was one of Founders of the investigative team at the Center for Investigative Reporting in Serbia (CINS) in 2008. From 2012 to 2015 Stevan was the Editor in Chief of CINS. His specialist area is in investigating organized crime and corruption, He trains journalists around the world on how to collect data and built sources necessary for revealing shady dealings and misdeeds of the powerful. He has been the target of numerous smear campaigns by pro-government media outlets and has been placed under surveillance by state security agents who have supplied materials regarding his private life to tabloids

Stevan Dojcinovic will travel to Stockholm to speak about the shrinking space for media in Serbia today, the trends and how the free media continues to be squeezed by the Serbian government.

The seminar will be moderated byIvana Randjelovic Programme Officer for Europe at Civil Rights Defenders Belgrade Office


Date: Friday, 05th May
Time: 09.00am sharp (Please be at the venue no later than 8.45am)
Venue: Civil Rights Defenders, Head Office Sergels torg 12, floor 12
111 57 Stockholm, Sweden
Language: English
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