Russia’s reply on shadow report: No discrimination

In a reply to Civil Rights Defender’s partner, the Russian LGBT Network and Coming Out, Russia denies the existence of discrimination against LGBT people. Mr. Georgy Matyushkin, head of the Russian delegation, stated that ‘in the Russian Federation, discrimination is prosecuted under the Criminal and Administrative Codes. The Russian legislation does not contain any norms that would discriminate against persons on grounds of sexual orientation.’

Mr. Oleg Vereykin, Deputy Head of Department, Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation and Member of the Russian delegation, officially confirmed that ‘indeed, on October 11th, two Moscow night clubs, where sexual minorities gather, were attacked and three victims of the attacks, went to medical institutions for treatment.’ He further assured that a special investigation is currently being conducted and suggested everyone to wait until the final decision is made.

Three Russian LGBT organisations, Russian LGBT Network, LGBT organisation ‘Coming Out’, and Charitable Foundation ‘Rainbow’, presented a joint alternative report to the Committee Against Torture on cases of cruel treatment of homosexual, bisexual, and transgender people in Russia before the session of the UN Committee Against Torture. They pointed at the absence of legislation, inadequate handling of crimes and hate speech, illegal forced medical procedures required from transsexual people in order to change their documents, as well as forced attempts to “cure” homosexuality.

The session of the UN Committee Against Torture will result in Conclusions and Recommendations to the Russian Federation, on implementation of which that country will have to report in four years. Recommendations are expected to be released in the last week of November.

Read press release from Coming Out:

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