Report on violations against LGBT people in Russia submitted to the UN

In an alternative report to the UN Human Rights Committee, Civil Rights Defenders’ partners Coming Out and the Russian LGBT Network highlight some of the main human rights violations that the Russian LGBT community faces on a daily basis:

• Violence, hate speech and manifestations of intolerance by public officials, religious leaders and the media;
• Infringement on the right to freedom of assembly and association;
• Issues regarding legal recognition of transgender individuals;
• Legislation prohibiting so-called “gay-propaganda”;
• Persecution of activists under the law on “foreign agents”.

LGBT rights have never been a topic in the Russian authorities’ reports, but after recommendations from the UN in 2009, the 7th official periodical report on the implementation of the international Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in Russia had a section on the matter. The official report stated that the Russian LGBT-community didn’t face any discrimination and that the media reported broadly and sufficiently on the matter.

“This report is very important since it is the first ever response to the Russian authorities’ official report that address the situation for LGBT people. We hope that the worsening situation described in the report will be reflected in the Committee’s recommendations for Russia” says Cecilia Rosing, Program Officer for Eastern Europe and Central Asia at Civil Rights Defenders.

Read the alternative report by Coming Out and the Russian LGBT Network here

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