Priest seeks referendum on criminalising homosexuality

In yet another hate speech attack against the LGBT community in Russia, Vsevolov Chaplin, a Moscow cleric, said in a recent press comment that gay relations between men pose a threat to the whole of society and that criminalising gay male interactions should be put to the people in a referendum. The Russian Orthodox Church endorsed Chaplin’s comments by stating that the question of criminalising male homosexuality “without doubt deserved discussion in society”.

“We are appalled at these recent developments and strongly condemn the comments whose only purpose appears to be to incite societal hatred against the LGBT community”, says Cecilia Rosing Programme Officer for Eastern Europe and Central Asia at Civil Rights Defenders.

Igor Kochetkov, the chairman of the Russian LGBT network, condemned the Orthodox Church saying that the referendum suggestion was both immoral and legally wrong.

The comments expressed by the Orthodox Church came shortly after Ivan Okhlobystin a former Orthodox priest tweeted in an open letter to President Vladimir Putin asking for the reinstatement of the criminal code that punished male homosexuality through initiating a referendum on the issue.

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