Pride Parade in Belgrade

On October the 10th there will be a new attempt to organize a Pride Parade in Belgrade, Serbia. The parade of last year, which would have taken place on 20 September, was called off at the last minute when the police claimed that they could not guarantee the safety of the participants. This led to extensive discussions within civil society, but also among citizens, whether Serbian authorities had capitulated to the perpetrators of violence and hooliganism.

Civil Rights Defenders has worked for many years for the rights of LGBT persons, in the Western Balkans as well as in other parts of Eastern Europe. Although significant progress has been made a lot of work remain before gay, bisexual and transgender people can walk the streets of Belgrade freely and without fear.

– Serbian authorities have an obligation to guarantee freedom of assembly and freedom of expression for all citizens. We urge the authorities to do everything in their power to ensure that Pride can be arranged this time and that the safety of the participants is guaranteed, says Marie Månson, program director for the Western Balkans in the Civil Rights Defenders.

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