Belgrade Pride in Swedish media


For the third year in a row Serbian authorities banned the Pride Parade in Belgrade. The frustration and disappointment within the LGBT community was unmistakable and Civil Rights Defenders immediately condemned the decision.

Swedish press reported on the events in Belgrade, some examples:

The newspaper Svenska Dagbladet interviewed Civil Rights Defenders Program Director for the Western Balkans, Goran Miletic, and wrote;

“Now, he and the others must continue to battle against the wind. The LGBT movement in Serbia has many opponents: government bans, the church that condemns, courts that turn a blind eye, the media that excites and extremists who are attacking.”

Full article in Swedish; ”Prideparad stoppas i Serbien”

The online site and magazine QX highlighted Friday evening’s protest march against the ban. The march was attended by several hundred participants outside the old parliament building in central Belgrade and took place immediately after the news about the ban broke. QX interviewed Goran Miletic, who expressed disappointment over the news: “It’s a sad day for Serbia and it is clear that human rights are not respected here.”

Full article in Swedish and photos from the protest march

The newspaper Sydsvenskan wrote about the Swedish Minister for EU Affairs, Birgitta Ohlsson’s, harsh criticism regarding the ban which she had given in several statements. Birgitta Ohlsson was attended Belgrade Pride for the second time, invited by Civil Rights Defenders. Sydsvenskan also quotes Serbia’s Prime Minister Ivica Dacic who issued a statement explaining why the decision was made to ban the Pride Parade; “We have to wait a bit. The topic will surely come up on the agenda again, but now it’s safety and security that goes first, he says, adding that he doesn’t believe that the ban of the parade is a prerequisite for future EU membership”

Full article in Swedish including interwiews with Birgitta Ohlsson and Goran Miletic

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