Polish Ambassador feels guilt for Bialiatski’s case

At the first day of the trial against human rights defender Ales Bialiatski, the Belarusian authorities used extraordinary precautions to prevent people from attending the hearing at the Maskouski district court.

Journalists without ID’s were not allowed entrance to the court hall. Two persons, wearing T-shirts with the inscription “Freedom to Ales Bialiatski!”, were removed from the hall. Ales Bialiatski was guarded to the court.

According to Prosecutor Zaikouski, Ales Bialiatski violated the Tax code and evaded from paying 352,274,000 rubles of taxes.

Viasna has made several attempts to get registered with the state but without results. Instead Ales Bialiatski opened two accounts – in Poland and Lithuania, in order to receive means for human rights activities from international partners.

The Ambassador of Poland, Leszek Szerepka, came to the trial, as Poland not only perceives the evident political motivation of the trial, but also feels personal guilt for Ales Bialiatski.

“Being representatives of the European Union, we have always tried to participate in all politically motivated trials. We also have personal responsibility, as partially we are to blame that Mr. Bialiatski is kept in jail. The Belarusian side abused our trust, as the law which we had signed was aimed at combating hard crimes, whereas here it is used to imprison a human rights defender. We think that the imprisonment of a human rights activist is unacceptable”, said Leszek Szerepka.

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