New Country, Old Beginnings

South Sudan ReportNot all beginnings are new beginnings. The troubled recent history of South Sudan echoes the tricky nature of starting anew. When South Sudanese voted in a referendum in January 2011, it became evident that multifaceted challenges of nation-building lay ahead for its leaders.

The formal declaration of South Sudan’s independence, on 9 July 2011, came with high hopes and glittering promises, yet moderate expectations. Six years later, it is no surprise that the hopes and promises are yet to be materialised. Instead, the country is falling far short of achieving even the most basic expectation of peace and stability for its citizens.

Violations of the fundamental rights of citizens run unabated. The government’s responsibility to respect, protect and fulfil human rights has been left to chance. In a nutshell, South Sudan’s new beginning as the youngest nation in the world proved to be a not-so-new beginning in the wrong direction.

In this new country report, Civil Rights Defenders highlight the situation for human rights and their defenders in South Sudan.

Download the report as pdf: South Sudan online report

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