Moldova Office: The Achievements One Year On

On the 14th of March 2014 Civil Rights Defenders officially reinforced its commitment to human rights in Moldova by opening a field office in the capital, Chisinau. For over a decade we have partnered with Moldovan Human Rights Defenders and organisations to protect freedom of expression, assembly and advocate against discrimination and corruption.

One Year Anniversary of the Opening of the Moldova Field Office.

One Year Anniversary of the Opening of the Moldova Office

Civil Rights Defenders Moldovan partners attended the celebrations together with organisations from Transnistria and the ATU of Gagauzia. Several representatives from international organisations including the Swedish Embassy, OSCE and the UNHCR also attended and had the opportunity to hear about the joint activities that we are involved in with our partners.

“It is with great pride that we celebrate the one-year anniversary of the opening of our field office in Chisinau, Moldova. So much has been achieved in this short space of time. Civil Rights Defenders presence on the ground has allowed us to capacity build with a wide range of human rights oriented NGO’s. It has enabled us to promote human rights and offer a space where our partners can have a safe place to conduct meetings, press conferences, film screenings and trainings” says John Stauffer, Legal Director and Deputy Executive Director at Civil Rights Defenders.

Civil Rights Defenders has worked tirelessly with its partners to build a freer and more tolerant society in Moldova. Some of the achievements and highlights of 2014 for Civil Rights Defenders in cooperation with our partners include:

  • Promotion and application of the European Convention on Human Rights
  • Publication of an annual human rights report on Transnistria
  • Increased access to Legal Aid for people in Transnistria
  • Strengthening professionalism of journalists to report on human rights related topics
  • Monitoring the implementation of media laws that promote and protect freedom of expression
  • Assisted in the creation of a coalition to combat discrimination
  • Supported efforts to hold the first legally sanctioned Pride Parade in Moldova

“It was really great to see the results of our cooperation with partners. Since Civil Rights Defenders opened up the field office in Moldova in 2014, our support has resulted in numerous significant changes; protection of people with disabilities in locked institutions, improved quality in mass media, successful campaigns against discrimination and legal aid provision” says Alesia Vidruk, Programme Officer at Civil Rights Defenders at the Moldova Office.

Moldova 1

Civil Rights Defenders partners giving presentations to international and local organisations

“We can see how our support to partners is becoming stronger, more effective and professional. We are therefore inspired and committed to continue our joint efforts to ensure respect, implementation and protection of human rights in Moldova” added Alesia.

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