Manifestation for Ales Bialiatski

“Ales just did his job, and when human right activists in Belarus today do their job they will end up in prison” said Joanna Kurosz from Civil Rights Defenders when speaking during a manifestation in support of Ales Bialiatski, in Stockholm on January 31 2012.

Valiantsin Stefanovich, vice president of Viasna, was also present. After his speech he turned his head toward the Belarusian embassy and called out “Free the political prisoners, free Belarus!”

Ales Bialiatski, chair of Human Rights Center Viasna, has been imprisoned for the last six months. Both the trial and the sentence is directly connected to his human rights work and can be seen as an act of the Belarusian regime to silence human rights defenders in the country. On January 24, the Minsk city court upheld the verdict against Ales Bialiatski.
Sofia Uggla from Östgruppen, Maja Åberg from Amnesty International, Mats Söderlund from Svenska författarförbundet and Christian Holm, member of the Swedish parliament (M), also spoke during the manifestation.

View a video clip from the demonstration on Youtube
(The speeches are in Swedish)

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