Manifestation Against Violence

plakatToday a “Citizens Response to Violence” is organized in Belgrade by several NGOs, including Civil Rights Defenders. The manifestation is a response to the severe violent attacks by extremist groups which have taken place in Belgrade the last two weeks.

It is also a support action for the organizers of the planned Belgrade Pride which was de facto banned last week because the police was not able to provide protection for the participants. The fact that the police announced their inability to provide protection means that they were giving in to threats and actions by extremist groups.

The manifestation will take place 4 PM on Friday, October 2, at the Pioneer park. A large number of NGOs are supporting the action, as well as a big number of prominent persons who will speak at the manifestation. The manifestation is organized by Youth Initiative from Human Rights, LINET, Centre for Cultural Decontamination and Civil Rights Defenders.

On Wednesday evening the organizers received oral information from the police that they would not be allowed to realize the manifestation at the place planned for. However, after public reactions in the media the police changed the decision on Thursday morning and has now issued a permission.

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