Making education accessible to children with disabilities

Civil Rights Defenders cooperation with Veliki Mali aims at making education more accessible to children with disabilities, by enhancing parents’ participation in the decision-making processes concerning their children and the quality of education that they receive. We are also advocating for change in policy and for policy-makers to implement inclusive education in Serbia.

By providing free legal aid and professional support we are strengthening families of children with disabilities. We are also participating in working groups/actions for legislation changes and monitoring the media in order to develop a more critical attitude towards disability issues.

In 2007, Veliki Mali produced a Policy Paper on the rights of children with disabilities to education in Serbia. It is a unique document with comprehensive in-depth analysis and recommendations for further development of rights of children with disabilities.

Veliki Mali is a Pancevo-based NGO engaged in a number of activities directed at protection and promotion of rights of children with disabilities. It aims at including people with disabilities in everyday life of the local communities and strengthening families of children with disabilities.

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