Intimidation of Russian NGOs

A series of coordinated inspections of around 40 NGOs, unprecedented in its scale and intensity, were carried out in Russia between the 13th and 16th of September. NGOs inspected are working in the fields of human rights, public interest, social and economic issues – among them Moscow Helsinki Group and Moscow Memorial Society.

The inspections were carried out in extreme haste and with violations of the law. In some cases the prosecutors’ representatives were accompanied by the police. The persons opening the door were not allowed to notify the rest of the staff of the inspection. There was no reasonable explanation of the sudden inspection. Only after a repeated demand from the organisations, were letters with the grounds of the inspection faxed. According to article 22 of the Federal Law, which the representatives of the prosecutor’s office cited in support for their formal requests, inspections can only be carried out on the basis of specific information about legal violations. Yet, in this case the formal requests presented by the prosecutor’s office contained no references to any legal violations.

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Tags: Harassment, Memorial, Moscow Helsinki Group, and Violence against human rights defenders.
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