Internships for Transnistrian Journalists – An Opportunity to Grow

Photo : Courtesy of Media AZI

Photo : Courtesy of Media AZI

Journalists in Transnistrian region – a breakaway territory on Moldova’s eastern border with Ukraine – have very few options for employment and professional development. Almost all media are controlled and censored by the de facto authorities. To strengthen appreciation for free expression and media, Civil Rights Defenders partnered with the Independent Journalism Center Moldova (IJC) to bring five young journalists from the Transnistrian region to Chisinau for internships with independent Moldovan media outlets.

The interns spent 1-2 weeks with experienced journalists and reporters from Panorama newspaper, the online news portal, and the local office of the international broadcasting company, TV MIR, learning how to write from different perspectives and present a variety of opinions in reporting.

These experiences provide young, emerging Transnistrian journalists with a greater awareness of the importance of independent voices in the media. CRD and IJC expect that the interns will return home with an understanding of the importance of a vibrant, independent media that represents a wide range of opinions and ideas.

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